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Business moves quickly, Insight understands the significant productivity constraints placed on your management and field staff. 


We can help reduce these pressures by working with your team to acquire the necessary underwriting information to professionally market your insured risks.


We partner with your underwriting department as more than just your eyes and ears in the field - we view our role as your business partner in the evaluation of risk and prevention of insurable loss.

We strive to provide our clients with a clear picture of the physical locations we have surveyed along with an accurate assessment of risk from several viewpoints.
Our services include:
  • Risk surveys and inspections, complete with detailed reports

  • Summary of observations and recommendations

  • Building replacement cost estimate using Core Logic Commercial Express & RCT (not intended to replace a professional appraisal)

  • Interior and/or exterior photo essay

  • Video essay

  • Introduction to thermal imaging technology

  • Wood heat inspection 

  • Fire group mapping

  • Other customized special hazard surveys

  • Co-ordination with insurance broker/agent

  • Immediate direct consultation with underwriting department when high risk situations identified

  • Customized high-level management summary reports

  • Risk control services for insurers on a subscription policy (report copy provided to all insurers on the subscription and the cost divided pro-rata)

Reporting made easy

We can provide our own customized written reports or work directly on your internal reporting platforms such as LC360 or RCT, allowing you the additional advantage of maintaining full control of the process while ensuring reporting objectives are met.

We match your service experience and lighten your load

As a white-label vendor, we pride ourselves on our professional ability to customize our services, matching your company's standards and expectations while maintaining the positive relationship built with your clients.

As a white-label vendor, we make your brand, clients and objectives our top priority.
Kevin Gibson | President
Prevent loss before it happens

The prevention or minimization of loss whether insured or otherwise benefits corporations, government, and the property investment community.


Even when a loss is properly covered by insurance, your business pays a deductible and must redirect human and financial resources to deal with the resulting claims process. Had the loss been prevented, these resources would more profitably have been invested into company growth.

Insight is in the business of helping you prevent a loss before it occurs. Our skilled Risk Consultants highlight hazards you may be unaware of and propose methods to deal with potential issues.

In contracting our services, you can expect one of our highly-trained Risk Consultants to meet on-site with key company personnel and tour your facilities. 


We assess business operations from multiple angles including  property, legal liability, crime, special hazards and product liability if applicable. We provide verbal feedback on-site, followed by a detailed written report complete with a letter of recommendations.

  • Review of existing property/operation

  • Review of property/operation being considered for acquisition

  • On-site risk survey with accompanying detailed written reports

  • Summary of observations/recommendations

  • Introduction to thermal imaging technology

  • Wood heat inspection (if required)

Benefits to your business
  • Preventing losses and associated costs, keeping your business focused on growth and profitability

  • Reduced insurance claims, resulting in in lower and more stable insurance premiums over time

  • Access to competitive insurance rates for operations that incorporate risk control programs and maintain favourable claims histories

  • Minimizing or preventing losses resulting from an extended business interruption

Customized Service


Our team includes professionals with decades of law enforcement investigative experience.

Upon special request, Insight has the unique ability to support investigative interviewing and provide consultations with respect to public and property safety, workplace active shooter awareness and preparedness, and other custom emergency management planning.

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