Corporations, Government & Investors

The prevention or minimization of loss whether insured or otherwise is to the benefit of corporations, government and the property investment community.  Even when a loss is properly covered by insurance a deductible must be paid and your organization’s time/energy must be redirected into dealing with the resulting claims process.  This lost time and resource would more profitably have been invested into the growth of your corporation or department had the loss not occurred in the first place.

Insight is in the business of helping your organization prevent the loss before it occurs.  We subscribe to the adage “you don’t know, what you don’t know” and see our role as competent advisors pointing out hazards to which you may be unaware and proposing constructive methods of dealing with these issues before a loss occurs.

In contracting Insight you can expect one of our highly trained Risk Consultants to meet on-site with your key personnel and tour your facilities.  We will assess your operation from multiple angles including: Property, Legal Liability, Crime, Special Hazards and Products Liability (if applicable).  We will provide verbal feedback on-site as well as a Detailed Written Report complete with Letter of Recommendations.

Services Include:

  • Review of existing property/operation
  • Review of property/operation being considered for acquisition
  • On-site Risk Survey complete with detailed written reports
  • Summary of Observations/Recommendations
  • Introduction to Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Wood Heat Inspection (if required)

Benefits to your organization include:

  • A loss prevented is an insurance deductible saved
  • Reduction in the number of insurance claims results in lower and more stable insurance premiums over time
  • Insurance companies provide more competitive rates to operations that incorporate risk control programs and maintain favourable claims histories
  • Reduction of loss keeps your organization’s focus on growth and profitability
  • Major losses often result in business interruption for extended periods; we look to minimize or prevent these often devastating effects