Insurance Companies

Insight teams with your Underwriting Department as more than just your eyes and ears in the field; we view our position as your “business partners” in the evaluation of risk and prevention of insurable loss.

Services Include:

  • Risk Surveys/Inspections complete with Detailed Reports
  • Summary of Observations/Recommendations
  • Building Replacement Cost Estimate – using Marshall & Swift commercial product. (Not intended to replace a professional appraisal.)
  • Interior/Exterior Photo Essay
  • Video Essay
  • Introduction to Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Wood Heat Inspection (if required)
  • Fire Group Mapping
  • Other Customized Special Hazard Surveys
  • Co-ordination with Insurance Broker/Agent
  • Immediate direct consultation with Underwriting Department when high risk situations identified
  • Customized high-level management summary reports
  • Provide risk control services on a subscription policy; a copy of the report will be distributed to all insurers on the subscription and the cost divided pro-rata.